Dynamic Forms in Softr Help!

I am trying to create a form and the first question would be to select from a drop down. Then once they select an option from the first drop down, then I would like the rest of the form to be prefilled based on the option selected. Is this possible in Softr? If not, is there a 3rd party app I could connect to Softr to do this?

Another way that this could work would be to have in the drop down an “other” option. When this other option is selected, the form would add several other questions, where if an actual option other than the “other” option would be selected, there would not be any options as I could prefill the questions as a hidden field. Is there a way to change the questions or add questions based on the option selected in the first drop down in Softr?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Please note that the mentioned functionalities are not available yet, however we are working on the form and trying to make it even more functional than it is now.

Perhaps you can test embedding Typeform into Softr.


Hi !

Given the native integration with Airtable, I would recommend to redirect to an Airtable form with conditional logic to display other fields.
To my understanding, prefilling fields in an Airtable form is only available through retrieving the parameters in the URL.

Hope this helps !

I have these types of forms on my pages, but I use Typeform and integrate it on my softr page. I believe to use logic jumps as you’re describing you have to have the basic paid Typeform plan, which is ~$30/mo. You can see my form here: Postpartum and Adoption Support For Families and here: Postpartum and Adoption Support For Families You can utilize hidden fields to pull in user information and display on the form (ie, name, record #, pretty much anything you can pass into the form or that they fill in you can then later display in the form itself. Full disclosure, I became an affiliate after falling in love with Typeform; here is my affiiliate link if you so choose to use it: https://typeform.grsm.io/trisha

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On2air has a fantastic solution for depency fields called ON2AIR forms. It integrates with Jotform. It works!

Reach out to them.