Dynamic Form Fields

To apply record id relevant form fields (conditional fields) to a Sofr form, what about Softr forms with conditionality settings that are like list block conditional filters? So creators can configure form fields, linked to a record’s id, dependent on linked base fields they select? A feature like this would not only reduce user form fill out friction, but could provide very dynamic forms that are relevant to records with varying field data, while retaining Softr’s conditional filter process for development process consistency.


I would like to +1 this feature request. I’d like to have forms also write data to AirTable.



Also if there were ways of designing better looking forms that would be great, both new templates and new features such as multiple choice, picture select etc. I know that Typeform has these features, but 1) It is expensive 2) They have a poor Airtable integration 3) It is better to keep it in Softr.

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Please be informed that all of the mentioned requests are included in our Future Updates List. We are going to make the Softr form super functional this year :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Great news about Softr’s upcoming forms update (Forms 2.0)! I’ve been waiting a year to use dynamic forms. It should be out very soon, according to Softr’s chat reps.
If it works well, imagine how much easier it will be for all Softr creators to create app forms, without an integration, that users will actually engage with :+1:

Hey @Ben,

We try hard to please our users :slight_smile: We hope very soon you will be able to enjoy the features.

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Dynamic as in some conditional logic. You get conditonal logic on the forms and I might get a SOFTR tatoo.



This is a planned feature, I will keep you posted once it is launched with the hope of getting a pic with a Softr Tattoo :))))

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Super excited for this :raised_hands:


Hey @jakobpalmers,

Yeap, this is a cool feature. Will let you know once available.

When is the scheduled release date for this (Dynamic/Conditional Forms)? The date I was told by a chat rep was last month (6/22):

Hi Marine. When will Forms 2.0 be available?

Hi, to be honest with you, we are planning on releasing the Form 2.0 version in Q2 (if everything goes as expected).
Marine sent this

June is the most realistic date in this case.
Marine sent this

This June. Great!

I ask because I was also told this would be released last year:

Hi Ben, while working on it we realised our block settings panels needed to be rethought and we ended up doing redesign on them before we could process with advanced forms. To go further with details we have forms related changes design ready and in 3 weeks time we shall be releasing the redesign and then in in additional 3-4 weeks we should have the forms come out.

Apologies for the delay!

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@artur thanks for the update! Can you confirm if the new forms will have ablility to use current data in airtable for linked records, single/multi-select opions?

@Nick correct that is also going to be part of it


I’ve just come here to show my support for conditional forms :slight_smile:


Hey @dodonerd,

Thanks for sharing this here :slight_smile:

Hi Suzie any updates on this feature, do you expect a release this QTR?

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Dear @Insurly,

We are still working on it, we will post once the option is ready :slight_smile:

Hi @Suzie , forgive me for asking, but any update on the new forms feature, or an ETA? A critical part of my softr site is awaiting this :wink:

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Hey @datom,

Currently we are working on a big update for all of the blocks. Once it is released we will start implementing the new (promised) features. The release will be perhaps in 4-6 weeks.

I know that you are waiting for this update, we try hard to push everything as planned, but sometimes it takes a bit longer.