Dynamic Filters for Tables and other data

Hello All! I am trying to add some dynamic filtering to my data. So when my table is shows a list of requests from vendors and I would like it to show the vendors as the filter ‘tags’. Unfortunately, at the moment, when I put the field where the vendors would be, it pulls all the vendors, even ones that are not relevant to that specific client. Can anyone please suggest a solution to this problem? Thank you in advance :smile:

to clarify, these are the filters that sit as tags on top of a table, for example. They are displaying all of the values in their column, instead of just the values that would correspond to the data that the conditional filter has shown.

Hey @brokenglass,

I recommend taking a look at the documentation for this > Global data restrictions – Softr Help Docs
I believe it should help :slight_smile:

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Thanks Suzie, I think this is it. Just have to figure out the right restrictions. Thank you!