Dynamic and unique profile pages for each user

First post, hello. After two days of exploring, I need help.

Here’s the experience I’m after - users log in and are redirected to a page (dashboard/profile/etc) that only they can see. The app is being designed for individuals rather than large groups or teams.

Desired Flow: user logs in, is routed to their unique profile page that only they and admin can see.

I see how to create user groups that allow multiple users to see content - but what about a growing list of new users who login to see only their personal content?

Thanks for any ideas/configs you have.

Hi @coach and welcome to the community!

Have you looked at the Profile block in Softr? You can configure a user’s /profile page with a Profile block, you can add additional fields that are saved to the Users table, and you can add additional blocks to the page.

Hmmm yes, this is where I’m at and you’re correct it does work. The challenge then will be how much content can go onto this single page and/or is there a “secondary navigation” block or feature that could show/hide various content. I see the “Feature with horizontal tabs” option. The challenge then becomes there is a very limited amount of content that these tabs allow.

In essence it seems if you need single-user content (meaning just for one user) we are relegated to the user-profile page only. Does this sound accurate?

No, there are ways to display data for just the currently logged in user elsewhere. Look up conditional filters in the docs - this is commonly used to restrict a list or table to just the records for the logged in user.

Thank you. Yes, I’ve been looking into these. “The currently logged in user” - Is it your experience that if there are 20 concurrently logged in users they can all see the content that is unique to them? From what I’m reading in the documentation and trying (and failing) in the studio - the conditional user groups and lists feature/segmentation is untenable for this use case. Meaning the web of conditions for a growing - say 200+ users (and beyond) - isn’t easily automated and would take a tremendous amount of configuration to give each user their own, unique experience — a portal which post login is their content and their content only. Thanks for your continued thoughts. FWIW, I haven’t found any low/no-code platform which successfully handles permissions for this use case.

I am not sure what you mean by “tremendous amount of configuration.” It sounds like somewhere you got the idea that you’d have to make configuration changes to your site with each new user. That’s not so.

For example, if you have many pages, each with a different list block, and you set every list block to use a conditional filter that will display only the records that match with the currently logged in user’s email address, then that will work for all users, whether you have 10, 100, or over a thousand.

See “Using Logged-in user’s parameters” for more info on exactly how to set this up.