Duplicate Action Button

Can we add a feature request to allow us to duplicate an action button? EG. under options for “Edit record” action button, being able to duplicate

Just like we can for block fields

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Hi @rebeccajane would you mind elaborating on your use case? why would you like to have it duplicated on the same block?

Hi @Maria thanks for your quick response. For my different user types and depending on the field, I sometimes have 5-10 action buttons per block. Would be much easier to duplicate the buttons instead of creating them from scratch each time. Also whenever I create a new ‘edit record’ action button, it automatically adds in all the fields from the block. Unlike the add record button which lets you build from scratch & doesn’t add any fields. Can that (in the edit record action button) also be stopped? Thanks!

@rebeccajane Thank you for the details. I will go ahead and add these feature requests

Just mentioning I would also very much appreciate this! It’s pretty cumbersome to add a new button and delete all the random actions it pre-populates then go in and re-map the same edit action fields but with a slightly different set of filters for when the button should appear.

just as a side note, is anyone else’s note taking apps just FILLED with screenshots of different block settings from trying to re-create all their blocks with the new action button updates? LOL

Hi @rebeccajane and @danyalamriben
After careful consideration, we have reached a decision regarding the functionality of the buttons. In order to ensure consistency and avoid potential dissatisfaction among all users, we have decided that it would be better to populate the fields for add record button as well so that it matches the logic of update record button. However, we will also add duplicate option so that it will somehow reduce your workflow. Hope this works for you.

Hi @maria - if we can duplicate the action buttons then I don’t see that the Add record button changing should be a problem for my use cases. Do you know how far off the duplicate buttons function could be? Thanks!

Hey @rebeccajane probably next week but not earlier than that. I will post it here once we deploy :slightly_smiling_face:

Great thanks @Maria . Appreciated :slight_smile:

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