Dropdowns in action buttons don't show all values

I have an action button that allows users to update their profile. One of the values that they need to update is country, via a Dropdown (I have country as a dropdown because otherwise everyone enters country differently with different spelling, and you lose all order).

The field seems to be limited to 100 records, meaning I can only show Hong Kong. How can I fix this?

Hello @gyerxa,

This restriction is from Airtable side, the workaround here is to divide the drop downs for 2-3 parts (depending on the number of the records)

But many of our users have integrated this form as a solution > fillout.com

Hope this helps.

Hey @gyerxa maybe you can try to go to your airtable, and convert that dropdown field to a ‘linked record’ field, and then you might be able to query every country from your list.

Actually, the country field is a Linked record field, it links to another table called countries where I store the master list of locations (countries, regions, etc…)

But it still cuts it off at 100 unfortunately!

I understand, yes the 100 record limit by api call is a real thing, but I was expecting that finding a country by entering its name as a query on your form, would fetch a new set of records, similar to how list blocks work.

Oh interesting. I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to this so maybe I’m not doing things correctly.

In my use case, I have a list-details block that contains profile information, and then an action button where they can update that info.

Do you think there would be a way for me to accomplish what you’re describing (entering the country name as a query and fetching the new set of records)?

After reviewing your screenshot, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do, I hadn’t realized that softr shows fixed options for linked records and won’t let you enter a specific query.

Softr does not threaten linked records with the power that this special airtable field deserves, this is the reason why softr staff advise you to make a switch to fillout forms service. And they Mean it ! recently they announced that the development of more powerful forms was sent to the end of the queue on the roadmap.

I get your frustration. If you need help integrating fillout you can contact me

Maybe you can try the update skiping the profile block, and using a list details block.

It seems that you can live query your linked records in that way:

The values that you see in this action button update form, are from a linked records, so my guess is that your users can update their country without trouble.

The moment the user starts typing it should work. So you can’t scroll down to Zambia, but you can type it in and find it? I have the same problem.

If you find a workaround, please let me know because I currently can’t use certain fields because of this bug.

Hi Tim. Since you have so many, you may want to separate your countries into different Airtable fields by chunks (ie. country A-G, H-L, …) and create a few different update buttons for each. Users may not want to scroll through that many countries anyway. Just thinking about user experience and the constraints mentioned.

Actually you’re totally right, it does work when the user starts typing. I found that confusing and didn’t realize it when I was QA’ing it (I always scroll instead of type), but maybe i’m the outlier.

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Hey Ben,
I think user experience would be pretty bad if they had three buttons for three different parts of the alphabet, don’t you think? It works for the countries for now, but for some other fields, unfortunately, this restriction is a problem :confused:

I think a lot of people scroll, if you have that problem, then users will probably have that problem too :slight_smile:

If there are 195 countries, you can break them up however you want (ex. Countries A-M, Countries N-Z,), not necessarily into 3, 4, or obviously too many buttons. This example minimizes scrolling for users and is just under the 100 item Airtable drop-down limit. Just an option.

CMON lol…basically stuck too. And I need users to be logged in so fillout for me is useless too… I need using hidden field + 4000 dynamics records in my case

indeed! but when submitting not working for me

either freezing either error message…