Drop Down filtering (conditional dropdown)

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the billing system I’ve developed for the sales team. It should operate in the following manner:

An agent creates a client. When an agent creates a client, there is an automation in place that updates records in the invoice section and inserts all clients of that agent in his cell with invoice.

However, when an agent goes to create an invoice and needs to select a client, they can see all clients from different agents and not only from his cell (with linked records)

How can I implement a conditional dropdown? The agent should only be able to see their own clients (from his cell). Currently, when I use a dropdown with linked records from another table, it displays all clients from all agents.

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Hey, welcome!

What you are asking for, is yet not possible within softr. one of their latest improvement regarding dropdown for linked records, is that when you have an airtable linked record field configured to limit selection to a specific view, then softr will respect that filtering.

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Hi Vlad,

I have also been looking for this, but I now use a work-around:

  • the list of clients is hiding as long as no agent has been recorded (I don’t do this (yet) but you’ll be able to with conditional filtering in Softr).
  • when an agent is recorded, the list of clients related to this agent is showing (again with conditional filtering). This second step however requires a reload of your block/web page. I do this with an automation in Make. And an operational issue I experience is to be able to provide the correct redirection it requires a 2 second delay in Make (for Airtable to link the required records to figure out what screen to be redirected to).

Perhaps not the prettiest way, but for me its acceptable.