Downloading attachments to pdf does not work from Softr to Airtable

Hi Experts,

In my form I have a block where our internal team uploads multiple reports for a single company
Then this would push through Airtable as our backend. In the backend, it would
automatically match with another backend table to see if the report has been read.
Then, once another team views the report in Softr, they can’t automatically download the file to pdf.

I would like to ask if this is an issue with regards to data being pushed between Softr and Airtable wherein they read the attachments differently?


Hey @Francoco_loco23, can you please let me know whether your internal team uploads reports in the .pdf format or not? Also, make sure that the “Report Upload” form column is linked to the Initial_Report Airtable column.

Hi Marine,

Yes, the internal team uploads reports in pdf format. And the reports are linked to Initial_Report column


In that case, please share here (over DMs) the app URL and a Magic link or contact us via chat so that I can test it and see why it is not working for you. I just tested it on my end and the files were displayed and were downloadable.