Download attachments in bulk

Good day Softr team,

I would like to ask if there is a way to download attachments in bulk rather than individual reports?


I guess you could, but only with the help of third party tools like n8n or MAKE

@Francoco_loco23 do you mean when using the form block? If yes, then, you can upload many files to it. You need to press “Browse” → hold the Command button(for a Mad device)/Windows key (for a Windows key) and add the files to the form in bulk.

@Francoco_loco23 which softr block do you use that has multiple attachments ? anything visual you can share ?

Hi @artur thanks for the response.

Here, I would want to download in bulk the uploaded reports and not individually.


Good day community,

If we base my inquiry on the picture I provided, is bulk downloading possible?


Hey @Francoco_loco23,

It’s a feature request. I will discuss with the team to see if this can be implemented. Perhaps there will be a chance to add a download button for the images in the table.

Will keep you posted once having an update.

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Hi @Suzie,

I would like to ask if this feature request of bulk downloading in Softr is already available?


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HI @Suzie is there any update on this feature? Thanks!

Hello @rebeccajane,

Unfortunately not, still no update. I will ask about this once again, will keep you posted on Friday :slight_smile:

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Is there a solution to this yet? Or even a 3rd party option? Thank you!

Is there any news on this feature? We’d also welcome it.