Download attachments and keeping the original file name

Good day,

I would like to download attachments via a link keeping the original file name. I managed so far to upload a document with the correct file name but the issue is that when downloading in another page it becomes a new generic names for all files

Do any of you know a solution to this? This is currently being integrated with Airtable.


We are working on this one this week :slight_smile:

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Thanks artur! Do let me know on the updates with regards to this!

I think Airtable messed this part completely and we would need to create a proxy solution to download and rename the file in our end


Hi @artur,

Here is a sample of the file name that has special characters.



Any status on my follow up ?


Hey @Francoco_loco23,

I will make sure to keep you posted once there is an update :slight_smile:

@Francoco_loco23 we are working on a solution it will take few days at least.