Does dynamic content count for SEO keywords?

I tried using tools like Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool and Comparison Sites Tool, Compare two web pages instantly to check how my page is doing in terms of SEO and the dynamic content on my page (an events portal) isn’t showing up as keywords.

Is dynamic content missed by Google’s crawler because it doesn’t wait for it to fetch? Is there a way around it? I feel like it’s a considerable drag on my site’s SEO.

Sorry, meant that it’s not showing up as content. Could anyone from Softr comment on this? :slight_smile:

Dynamic content does play a role in SEO, but it can sometimes be tricky for search engines to crawl and index. Google’s crawler is quite efficient, but it may not always capture dynamic content immediately. To ensure that your dynamic content is being considered for SEO, you can take a few steps.
First, make sure that critical content, such as keywords and metadata, is present in the static part of your page, as this is more likely to be indexed promptly.
Second, use structured data markup like to provide search engines with clear information about your dynamic content.
Lastly, consider implementing an SEO competitive analysis. It can help you understand how your competitors are handling dynamic content and build a strategy to boost your online presence effectively.