Document templating with PDF outputs

Hey softr community,

I wanted to know if this app concept would be a good candidate for softr and if anyone has suggestions for templating frameworks that will eventually output as paginated PDF. Considering Jinja2 or WeasyPrint.

-Data and Templates can be combined to create print-ready PDFs or images.
-Users can edit/save template in wysiwyg UI
-System can display pre-PDF-rendered thumbnails of templates with dummy data

Thanks for any help!

Would Airtable extensions like Documint or Docupilot work? They automatically generate PDFs that are stored in attachment fields.

I looked at those. Some of the pdf APIs offer iframe template editors. The pricing models are a bit funny with all the PDF API services. Templates are limited at each tier and render charges can be very high. Each services uses its own tech stack to get to data+template=PDF

I need thumbnail renders (of data+template), wysiwyg template editing for users along with PDF output.

Hi there, just wanted to leave my PDF generation tool here based on Google Docs → DocsAutomator

I have a lot of Airtable users generating PDFs with it and would love to give you a demo if you’re still interested :slight_smile: