Do you think is possible to create a "therapy from distance" web

A client is asking for a no-code web with the following:

Section for viewing and inserting testimonials (reviews)
Selection of one or more therapies to pay.
Once paid: Option to select date and time of each of your therapies
Calendar display of scheduled appointments
Option to view patient data and appointment
Option to block available times for appointments
Option to remove reviews

Yes, all this is possible.
Just one question to solve: how would be displayed “testimonials”? As if you want to use the “testimonials” block = it’s a static block.
If you want to use a comment block = Beta version for now. You won’t be able to delete it. (it may change within 3 weeks)

So the testimonials would be displayed thanks to a dynamic list block.

All the rest is doable

Hi @fabiolarroyof and welcome to the community!

I agree with @matthieu_chateau that this is doable. I am really curious, though: why does the client want you to build this “from scratch” as opposed to using one of a number of services out there. Square has one that is very popular, and Calendly can do this as well.

Calendaring is hard and the Softr calendar block is not as sophisticated as maybe it needs to be to really make this work well. How did the client come to believe that building this from scratch was the way to go?

(P.S. If this is a rude or inappropriate question, I apologize in advance! I am just really curious.)

I agree with David about the calendar!
I always forgot how fast the limits come quick with it.
I would use an embedded Calendly inside your Softr project, much better.

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I agree with @matthieu_chateau - I think if you were going to attempt to build this app in Softr you would need to learn enough about custom coding to use one or more external calendar components. If the customer truly needs the app to be “no code” then I think this is a non-starter.

And I agree with all of you. Love you guys.

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Another way to add testimonials into Softr would be with Your customer can collect them and create or update their testimonial widgets with no code.

You can then embed the widget into Softr, like this: Add testimonials to Softr

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