Do we have to use passwords?

Thanks in advance!

We’d prefer not to use passwords for auth but I’m struggling to confirm if that is possible. It seems like the password field can’t be hidden from sign up? Our objective is sign up with Google or get a link (or code). User completes this step and are taken to the next screen to complete their profile. Is this possible?

To be honest, we’d prefer to use Auth0 with Softr and be done with all of this but I’m not entirely sure if that is possible either (we don’t use Outseta due to their pricing model). Also, having to have an Enterprise plan seems a bit steep (we have signed up for the business plan) but its not a blocker for now.

Any advice would be amazing! We’re keen to try out Softr!

Hi Kate,

One option is to let your users sign up with a code sent by email or by phone with the blocks named “Sign in with phone code” and “Sign in with code”

In these blocks you have the option “Only registered users can sign in” to be disabled or enabled.
These blocks can be used to sign up and to sign in.

Then, using user groups, you can setup an after-signin/signup page dedicated to users who were not onboarded yet… an onboarding page.

Would this work for you?