Displaying images stored in Google Drive

Hello there,

I have a bunch of images I have stored in a google drive folder that I would like to bring in as URLs in my Airtable so that I may display to users without storing the actual images on Airtable.

I would like to display the images either individually or as a gallery for a single record (each record may have up to 5 images).

What is the best way for me to bring in these URLs so it behaves similar to storing images natively in Airtable in the attachment field where I use the image or image gallery field in Softr?

Should I store each link as 1 field or can I get away with putting them all into the same text field, separated by a comma?

For reference, my URLs will look like this : https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id={File-ID#}

Thanks in advance!


You are able to references images stored in your google drive on the image gallery or image field type via this type of URL:


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hi @flavi , I also want to show multiple images that stored in google drive in to gallery in softr. I already have the link that you have mentioned, and I put them all in 1 field separated by comma. And turned out it can not appear at the website. How did you manage to do it? thanks in advance

I’m also very keen to find a solution for this!

@tirza make sure your images are shared publicly in GDrive.

thank you for answering, the problem is google drive already change link format to
https://lh3.google.com/u/0/d/{Google File ID}


I can’t thank you enough for posting this! I just swapped all of my link formats over, and all of my images reappeared.

It seems that Google made an update 1/10/24 into 1/11/24 that requires the image link format to be the below now.


Where previously, the below was the correct format.


:heart_eyes: :pineapple: :call_me_hand: :palm_tree:

@abowen-hbros, thanks for sharing! this is a global change as noted here by Google Google Workspace Updates: Upcoming changes to third-party cookie requirements in Google Drive

Others complain about this too… Images from Google drive in embedded HTML no longer working - Sites Community

In general, Google is rolling out changes on multiple systems, including Chrome, to get rid of third-party cookies, and it affects tons of apps/use cases. Preparação para a desativação dos cookies de terceiros  |  Privacy Sandbox  |  Google for Developers

The solution you shared: https://lh3.google.com/u/0/d/file-id only works when one is logged in to Google. I tried it on incognito, and it did not work, unfortunately.

My quick fix here would be to explore also putting files/images into other file/image hosting services like dropbox/box etc…

Just seeing your reply @artur, this is much appreciated detail. I have an internal portal that requires Google SSO, which was unaffected. But, I hadn’t verified my public site this way yet and will not be exploring alternatives that I can automate with Apps Scripts.


Hi, I can’t seem to display more than 1 images using the new method.
Is there perhaps a different way of displaying the images? Currently im using comma as a separator