Displaying filtered data in a dynamic list block

I have started using SoftR just 2 days ago, so my apologies if answer to my question is obvious.
I have designed a simple app linked to an airtable database. There is just one thing that I can not figure how to do.
I have defined a user table in SoftR linked to a user table in airtable. I want to display information in a list block in SoftR, but I want to filter the data that is displayed depending on the user looking at it.
The airtable table that I linked the SoftR list to does contain a field with users’ mail adresses, but I do not understand how I can use this field to filter displayed data on SoftR App.
Thank you for your help

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Hi Pascal !
Welcome to Softr!!

So, what do you want to show exactly within that list block ? Informations that are inside the users table ? Or informations that are in other table ?

Do you want that one user only sees his/her specific informations ?

So, first use case, displaying informations that are inside the users table.
You set up the fields of your list block and you go to the conditional filters. You will choose “email” (or whatever is the user’s email field) then “is” then "loggedin user’s email. See screenshot 1.
That way, the user will only see his/her own informations

Second use case, displaying informations that are in an other table but that belongs only to a specific user. Here again, all the users will only see the informations that belong to them. See screenshot 2 for the airtable setup and screenshot 3 for the softr setup for conditional filters.

Concerning the screenshot 2, the airtable steup. You will notice that the “User_rel” is a “link to an other record” field and the field just next to it “Email (from user_rel)” is a look up field (a field that depends on a “link to an other record” field).
These two fields are not in the users table, they are in an other table called goals. By creating those two fields, I relate them, I link them to the users table. Here, each goal can belong to a specific user. andyou don’t want the users to see each others goals ? So see screenshot 3 to make the magic happen.

You can have more informations about conditional filters here: List Conditional Filters - Softr Docs



Thanks a lot Matthieu.
I have applied first use case, it works perfectly.
Thanks for second use case, it will be very usefull for other things that I need to do.


Hi Matthieu, great example! I have a similar situation. In my Case in your “User_rel” Cell, I am conducting several/multiple Emails (relevant Users) and would like to show through the conditional filter just the data that relates to the email of another airtable table. Please see attached pics. Thanks for the help : )!

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-03 um 19.48.56
Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-03 um 19.49.38

Hi Edin,
Can you tell me what is the behaviour of your actual setup?
As the the “link to an record” field (and it’s email lookup) has the multiple records option enabled, I assume there is a problem here?

Just to be clear, you want to display the data from one and only one email (user)?

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Hi Matthieu,

thanks for your reply. Yes, I want to display the data from one and only one email (user). Somehow I just get it solved. I change the condition from “is” to “is one of” → now it works fine : )

Thanks again.

Best, Edin

That’s what I was going to tell you, hahah, well done !!

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