Display tags dynamically based on user-specific data?

Hi community,

Perhaps this should be a feature request, but let me first try asking here:

Use case: I have a configurator (similar to a Dominos pizza app) with too many options to confuse the user without proper guidance. So I’m looking for ways to guide/recommend users to certain choices based on their preferences. The key limitation I face is that these recommendations need to be seen within context of all other (non-recommended) options, and therefore all options need to remain visible. So any filtering doesn’t really work for me.

My idea of the best user experience would be to have a list of tiles with just certain tiles showing tags (e.g. “first recommendation” or “good alternative”) based on user-preferences.

What I am able to do is to show the user’s name DIRECTLY as a tag (with a conditional filter in Softr). What I’m missing is a function that allows to display OTHER data (something like “IF user’s name associated, THEN show message X”).
Note that I have tried to reference to user-specific data in a column (which was “recommendation”), but this results in Softr showing showing a tag with the data of other users also (in my test it showed a duplication of the same message as the record/tile was also related to another user: “recommendation recommendation”).


Hey @thijs,

Just to make sure I get correct what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to show different tags on a list block based on logged in user? Do you have an example you can share?

I just think whether having user groups and showing different blocks would work as a workaround?

Please, give me clearer flow, I will try to help :slight_smile:

Hi Suzie,

Yes sure… here is another example of option-groups where I’d like to show in ONE list-block which groups (tiles) have certain user-specific characteristics (for example, with use of tags, but could be something else)

Hey @thijs,

I see now, thx for the clarification. Unfortunately, it will not be possible. You will not be able to combine two of the blocks in one and show the tags for one block based on user.

It’s a feature request for now, I will add it.

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