Display information from User data

If I want to show data from Airtable that is connected to User Row. For e.g. “active license” which could be a checkbox. I can show it with the User Profile, but then that is editable. How can I show just that data?

You can choose not to show the checkbox field via user profile, and instead, add a list details block at the top of your profile block and display the value of the checkbox field.

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Not entierly sure what you mean.

So in airtable I have “People” table. In “People” I have a cell (checkbox) called “Active license”. And that I want to display for that specific row (logged in user).

Do I need to add it to User profile page @acjnas ? Or how can I isolate the user’s specific data?


You can start by trying to list in frontend one attribute (airtable field value) for a particular record on your airtable user’s table for one specific user. You can easily set conditions so only logged in user can only access its ‘attribute’.

Th suitable softr block for this will be ‘list details block’

I created a list-detail

Refered to Data in Airtable

And this is what I see as login-user “Thomas Test 1”

What mistake have I made? :slight_smile:

Ping @acjnas can U please give me a hint about where to look?

You are almost there.

Simply make sure to visit the list details block page, pointing to one of your records;


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