Display hyperlinks from Airtable in any block

Hi folks, one very simple functionality seems to be missing and here is what I did to get it myself – putting hyperlinks into any block in any field from Airtable. Or maybe someone can set me straight if I’ve missed something fundamental.

At first I tried two things that didn’t work – using a rich text (long text) Airtable field with a hyperlink created by an automation from a text field and a url field – markup in the field looks like this: square bracket text square bracket parentheses url parentheses. It displays as a working hyperlink in Airtable but not in Softr (just colored text but no working link). Plus, the hyperlink can’t get passed in Airtable in linked record or lookup fields, so it became very cumbersome across multiple bases and then impossible when I tried to have multi-entry fields with multiple hyperlinks in one field.

Then I realized, after considerable consternation, that the answer was to put the html for the hyperlink in the Airtable field. Why isn’t this documented somewhere in Softr? So my Airtable field formula reads:

#a href="’ & URLfieldname & ‘">’ & Textfieldname & ‘#/a>’

(but replace # with < can’t figure how to display in post otherwise)

Then this works properly as a hyperlink on a Softr page.

Is there some custom Softr code that would do the same thing based on some format of text like text that would make all this easier?