Display data from different tables

Hi everybody,

I have some questions:

  1. I need to display relevant (related) data coming from different tables on one single block. Would it be possible to do it?

  2. I’m trying to build a website that on which different organizations can publish their events. Which block is the most advisable to connect to Airtable where the event data is stored?


  1. Ensure you have established the relationship in airtable via linked records. Linking a record in one table will allow you to create lookup fields to pull values from the other table into the table that you will connect to the block. You will not be able to edit the “looked up” field values in this view but it does accomplish the simple issue of visibility within one block. When configuring your list view you can still select & display the “looked up” fields.

  2. This request is a bit vague! You have to first establish how the data will live inside of airtable in order to determine what blocks to hook up in softr. Take a look at some of the lovely templates inside softr studio or the universe that has been newly created. You will be able to review how other smart folks have configured similar applications using different combinations of airtable architecture + softr blocks.

Start by defining what you mean by “different organizations can publish their events” and pin down what tables that might require. Sounds like you’ll need an organizations table and an events table, at minimum. Will there need to be a booking or approval process? What information needs to be included inside an event record? Those fields should live inside your event table in airtable. You might consider using a form to populate new events via softr (form block). You can then use a list block, a table block, or a calendar block to display the events.

There’s a lot of ways to approach, the work is just getting in the weeds and figuring what works out best for you!