Disable the need to approve new users/registrations

Hi everyone, I have a question about whether we can disable the need to approve a new person who registers to use the app that I’m building.

I am using the marketplace template. When a new user creates an account, they fill out a form and click submit. The responses go into airtable. The new user can only access their account if I go into Airtable and select “approved” under status.

I am hoping to eliminate the need for me to go in and approve every single person who registers. I would like them to be able to access the app immediately after registration. Is this possible?

Many thanks,


You can approve access immediately without manual validation.

Visit your project in softr studio and find the sign-up form block.
Inspect all its fields and see if the ‘status’ airtable is present and mapped.
If it is update is value to ‘Approved’.

If not, add a new field, type ‘hidden’, map your ‘status’ airtable field, and place ‘approved’ as a value.

I hope this helps.