Disable Show More Button on a List

Is there a way to turn off the “show more” button on a list? I want to only show the first 3 results and hide the rest so that only premium users can see all records.

Any idea how to do this?

I think what I would do is create two list blocks on the page, one that only premium users can see and the other one only free users can see. I’d add a field in the table that designated the “free rows”, and then I’d use a conditional filter on the free user block to select only the free rows.


Hi Tim,

I agree that the first step is to create two list blocks so that different user groups can see different things. On the free users list block simply delete the “See More” label
See More
in the list builder area.


Ooh, I didn’t realize it disappears if I add no text here. This is really helpful, thank you so much both Cheryl and David!!

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