Disable Open Image Modal On Click

Hello Softr community!

Has anyone successfully disabled the on-click action that occurs for images within list detail elements?

Currently, images open a modal on-click.

  1. Can this be disabled so nothing happens upon image click
  2. Can this on-click functionality be changed to a dynamic or static URL?

Any updates on this?

Hallo, we can disable the click functionality with a custom code. Can you provide a URL or specify in
which block you need to disable it so I can provide a proper code?

I am trying to do the same thing. Disable modal to open when I click on the image in the list of items. The div element class is image-or-video-container - not sure fi that;s what you are looking for.

Actually it would be even better if when I click on the image , list details modal is opened and not the image modal preview. Thanks!

Can you try this in your page settings → Custom code → Footer section, replace the BLOCKID with your block name, save and preview?

#BLOCKID .image-or-video-container {
    pointer-events: none;

You can add an action to the item to open the list details page from the settings