Disable edit button after change status of "Project"


i want to ask, i have one like CRM system with workers and admin. Workers make some work on the projects and add some documents after the worker is finish with that project admin review the project and change the status of project to “done” and i need made after this changing status that the worker dont have possibility change anything. can look but not edit more. edit can only admin.

thank you


You need a Softr professional plan in order to perform this.
It will allow you to chnage the visibility condition of the action button according to the “which records” condition.
So in your use case, the visibility condition of the button will be “project status” is not “done”.

Hi Matt, is there a list of the functionality tied to each plan?

I’m concerned that I’m not aware of some features if they aren’t documented clearly

Thanks, Glenn

Hi Glenn,

There is the pricing page of Softr but everything won’t be clearly documented: https://www.softr.io/pricing

The SOftr documentation can also help: https://docs.softr.io/
For example, concerning the action buttons visibility => Button Visibility – Softr Help Docs

And last but not least, there is the public community, here, where you can ask any of your question.

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