Different homepage for logged-in users

do you know if it is possible to set a different homepage for logged-in users?
I would expect that external users reach a specific homepage when connected, but internal users should reach a dedicated page when connected (for example seeing their own data instead than a general website homepage).

Hello @Programmer89,

You have only one homepage on your application. You can create user groups and show the homepage to external users.

For internal users you just need to setup a list details profile block (you mentioned you want them to see their own data, this is why I mentioned this option) and set conditional filter, so each internal user will login and see his/her data.


I believe you have 2 options:

  1. show and hide blocks on your home ‘/’ based on whether the visitor is logged in or not.
  2. Set a different page like ‘/private’ and redirect the logged-in users that visit your ‘/’ page

Hi Suzie, in this case when internal user access the website using a magic link they reach an error page because the homepage is not visible for them, this is the problem

Hi, how can I redirect them?

You simply add a custom code block with a javascript snippet to redirect users to your desired URL.
The important thing is to set the visibility for this custom code block, to registered users or your specific group that you want to redirect to the new page.

setTimeout(function() {
    window.location.href = 'NEW_URL';
}, 500);

What’s the best practice here? Option 1 or 2? Do fewer non-visible blocks on the page affect page load time?

This works perfectly!
Thanks a lot