DevOps on Softr - Test Environment?

Hey there! I’m wondering what you all are doing in terms of DevOps? We’re just pushing our changes to Production right now, which obviously isn’t the best way to do things…

I know the “Preview” functionality exists, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way to run a dev / test / prod environment - using “Preview” for testing isn’t optimal because I can’t publish specific changes/features and would publish all “in progress” changes/features as well I publish one.

Hope this ask makes sense but please let me know if it doesn’t!

Thanks :slight_smile:


We were talking about this over on the Soft Slack workspace not too long ago. I said:

“Another way to do staging might be to always have two totally separate copies of the app published to two different places, “current” and “new”. Every time you want to start on a big update, you delete “new” and duplicate “current” to “new”. Then when you are ready to push “new” out to your users, you can change its URL to the live one, and rename current to old or something. This will also give you the flexibility to push out a quick fix a problem in the current live version without having to scramble. It’ll also allow you to roll back if it turns out that the new release is DOA.”

A couple of Softr support staff have referred to a feature in the works that they are calling “Time Machine” which will allow for rollbacks. I don’t think that will completely address the need for separate stage and production environments, though.

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