Details page for item from url param


I have an Airtable base with installations, and each installation has a URL and QR Code sticker.
The code can be scanned by service-techs that are there for a service mission, and the QR can be scanned by anyone else.
If its scanned by someone else, it lets the visitor fill out a form to register a service request.
The QR code format is

I now want to add more information from the installation to that page.
For example when service was last conducted, and who was the service tech.
But I can not figure out how to create a details page for one item based on a url-param.
I have tried List Filtering with URL, but that does not give me what I am after, and I can not change the URL of the QR code at this point.

What I think I need is the option do conditional fields for url parameter.