Detail Page populated with Detail Blocks of 2 different Airtable tables

I’d like to know if a similar feature already exist or it would be nice to have: I have 2 Airtable tables keeping 2 different dataset referred to the same order number (let’s assume one table reporting customer data about a specific order and the other table reporting product data about the same order). First column of the 2 tables are the same (Order Number).
I’ve created a page in Softr with a List Block referred to the items of the first table (orders with customer data), but in the Detail Page of each item of that list I’d like to include 2 List Details blocks: one referred to the customer data and also one referred to the product data.
This seems to be not possible because of a limitation in the conditional filters: conditional filters only allow to set a manual fixed value or to take a value from the logged-in user dataset, but do not allow to use a value coming from a table as filter value for “selecting” an item of another table.
Is there a workaround for this?
Thanks a lot

Can someone help me on this please?

Hey @Programmer89 Thanks a lot for the details, I believe you are trying to filter a dynamic block depending on another block table’s parameters that will be located at the same page, you can give the “Linked Lists” concept a try.

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This is great! It is exactly what I needed.
Thank you so much

Sure thing, a pleasure!