Desktop conditional visibility, minimizing vertical bar and other questions from a new user

Hi, I’m new to Softr. I’m trying figure out if Softr is right for making our internal tools and client portal. So far the existing and new features sound exciting, but I had some questions that I couldn’t find the answers for, so would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out here :slight_smile:

  1. Is there any way to make a block visible only in mobile view, or vice versa? I searched for conditional visibility but only found conditions for logged in users/user groups. I was hoping for conditional visibility based on screen width (desktop/tab/mobile).

  2. Is there any way to make a bottom navigation bar appear in the mobile view, like this picture?

  3. Softr released a vertical navigation bar which is great. However, it’s too wide for my tastes. Is there any way to make it thinner, using custom CSS perhaps? I’m not a coder unfortunately so I couldn’t try this out myself. My ideal version would be to have a navigation bar like either of the navigation bars in this picture.

Hello @AddyEdwin,

  1. Unfortunately, this feature is not available yet, the visibility works for both Mobile and Desktop in the same way.
  2. As mention above, there is no way to add separate functionality for mobile.
  3. Please, add a URL where I can see the Vertical Navigation bar :slight_smile:


  1. If you have a subscription allowing you to use custom code you can use this tip to hide a specific block on mobile.

  2. You would need to have a custom code block for that menu. It’s possible of course but you need to code it using code like this for example.

  3. If you share the URL as Suzie suggested, I can provide you the CSS.

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Hey @Joachim,

Thanks for providing the custom codes :slight_smile: