Default form field values for webapp (not a prefill)

I would like to request a feature in which you can select default values for the fields in forms. Unfortunately, the prefill option does not work for my use case because I do not want to have to send the link each day with the current date. Also, this is not feasible because not everyone has a company email. I want them to open the page in the web app and have the date field already selected for them to save time. The workaround of having an CreatedDate airtable field does not work because the form may need to filled out retroactively and then the date would be wrong.

Hey Ella, thanks for your suggestion. Noted and added it to our suggestions list to consider when planning further form block updates!

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If you don’t have the time to wait for your suggestion to be included in the product roadmap, you can try forms, there is a date utility to prefill the form with today’s date, among other date utilities.


This is a great point @acjnas, thanks for highlighting it. Indeed, @Ella, you can use it, embed yoru form and use the embedded codes in our Custom Code block.