Dealing with Blank Pages in Registration Process due to Latency

Dear Softr Community,

I’ve noticed an issue in my registration pipeline where users occasionally encounter a blank page when proceeding to Step 3, where various blocks are displayed depending on the user group defined in Step 2.

After investigating, I suspect this issue may be caused by front-end difficulties in determining the user group, potentially due to update latencies at the API level on the server.

To mitigate this problem, I’ve come up with a solution involving a JavaScript script. If I label all the blocks on the page with names like sequential-1, sequential-2, sequential-3, etc., I could then instruct the browser to refresh the web page once if it doesn’t find any block containing the text “sequential”.

This way, the user should never encounter a blank page because the page will be refreshed, and by then the user group should have been updated, leading to the correct block being displayed upon refresh.

What are your thoughts on this approach? How to detect the names of block displayed with softr with javascript?

Looking forward to hearing your insights!



Can you pls share a video ?

Sorry but I can’t replicate it on my side, at least not since I read your post, the servers may be working faster lately (on the side of or softr)

I’ll keep you posted