Database structure

I am trying to display the current user’s KPIs on Softr. I need help structuring my Airtable base. Here is a screenshot of my DB.

@KilifiWebGuru seems right do you see any issues on the softr block ?

@artur I would like to display Targets, Meetings set, Closed leads on the summary card. And it has display the data for the current logged in user.

Hi @KilifiWebGuru
For the summary block I would recommend having a structure, where the type of data is on separate records and the corresponding value are added on another field.

With the help of conditional filter you can show the data that is related to the logged-in user.

Here are some screenshots that might help:

Hi @Viktoria,

Is this the only way to build a KPI list? So basically duplicating the data types on a separate table and only having one type of value format.

My current challenge is that I have 2 different type of values, one that should be formatted as currency and another that is an integer.

This block in my opinion fall a bit short in terms of capabilities as I’m dependent on a different table that is static. Could you guys explore internally how to improve this block to enrich its functionality to be similar as the “Score Card” of Airtable’s interfaces?

Hi @Javier
I see what you mean, I will share your message with the Product team to take into consideration the improvements for this block, meanwhile I would like to ask if any of the List blocks or a Table block might work for you?

In case a List block or a Table block is set up, several values can be shown for the same record. Please let me know if we are on the same page.

Thanks for your quick reply @Viktoria - I will explore the list block and play around with the data. Maybe I can use some rollups and counts to display the KPIs I want.

Ultimately, what I’m after is the same look and feel of the summary card.

@Javier to be honest none of the List blocks has the exactly same design as Summary Card, but it’s possible to get the similar design by playing around with one of the list blocks with vertical cards.
Hope you will manage to achieve what you’re looking for :slight_smile: Meanwhile, should you have any questions in the process, feel free to ping me here, I would be happy to help.