Data from Google Sheet partially shows

Hi! I’ve created a website that has List Block using Google Sheet as data source, currently I have around 2,000 rows of data.

All required fields are already mapped successfully, however, only around 1,000 of the data in Google Sheet are shown and searchable on the List Block while the rest are missing.

I’ve tried reauthenticating and making changes to the data content but couldn’t find any pattern or reason as why this happen.

Does anyone know?

Hey !

Depending on the plan you are on softr, there may be limitations on the number of records that you can list in your blocks

More info can be found here:

I see, I am planning to work with a lot of record (>100,000). Seems tier will become very expensive if I try to put them in one list.

Will try breaking them into smaller list then. Thank you!