Customizing emails sent to users

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I’m wondering what level of customization I can have for emails sent to my users (e.g. sign-up emails, password reset, magic link, etc…) Is it possible to customize it with my brand, change fonts, etc…?

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Currently you can change only the title and the email.

The message is not possible to customise, however, we have it in our future plans :slight_smile:


Thanks Suzie -

Any sense of when it might be prioritized? Also, are there workarounds (ie third party tools) that I could use to send custom-designed emails?

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If I needed to send more customized emails, I’d try doing from Make.


Hey @gyerxa,

The workaround would be using Make, like David mentioned :slight_smile:



I did it using to create new user in Softr and using airtable automation to send the custom email

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Hello, it is a little bit disturbing when you invite users with CSV because you see the text invitation :


XXX has invited you to join on the ZZZ application.

Please login with your email using the temporary password below to start collaborating

Here is your temporary generated password



But you receive another email :

Hey XXX, 

You were invited to join ZZZ by YYY

ZZZ Url :
Your login :
Your password :

And… That’s it ! How rude the team became for deleting the nice wording of the mail preview in the final mail ?! :sweat_smile:

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Let’s us check this @Charles :slight_smile:

BTW we will be enabling customisation soon too.


Hey @Charles,

I just checked this. Thanks for brining this to our attention :slight_smile:

We will improve this.

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Thanks for the coming update.
This is quite painful, especially for localization.

Regarding the forgot password form. it would be great to have a bit more details on the steps needed to manage it with make and airtable.

I don’t see how you get to reset token

Click the link below to reset it.



@Fwoued for reset password you really don’t need make. You need to use Softr’s Forget Password Block and Reset Password Block

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hello artur

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve used these these forms (and it work perfectly).

But the emails are in English and I don’t see how to localize it.
Dchris talked about a turnaround using make.
I will try to do this kind of solution until the feature is available

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For large portals these emails are really not at the quality and look and feel of the rest of softr / the platform. It significantly limits use-cases where you have a user which you don’t want to expose to these low-quality and unbranded emails.


Clearly, I can’t wait to be able to modify them, it’s not qualitative

@lea @david007 would interim improvement help ? Like still without customisation but better text and formatting ?

By formatting we can imagine logos, colors?

no. i think the emails are OKAY, since they are really plain. i would rather NOT you change them a bit. i think either leave them as minimalistic as they are now, OR allow full customization. i wouldn’t go somewhere in between as i think it could make it worse.

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My main point was regarding the translation.
It should be possible to manage that with a specific airtable table (‘email’).

Styling would be great also.
Maybe with the same turnaround with the email table?
For the list of email, if there is content in this table (row welcome email), it replace the content.
Then you could translate it (plain text) or add style (HTML text)

I would also like to customize the magic link invite and PW reset email, the ability to add for example, the user’s record id or other value, and the colors/logo. any customization is better than nothing. right now, it doesnt match the branding of our website. thanks so much, fantastic work softr team. @artur

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hey there, is there any updates?

At least being able to remove the footer: is the easiest way to build customer portals, internal tools,
and marketplaces without code.