Customizing blocks?


Is there a way to create our own blocks?
There is a feature in the roadmap about a marketplace, I guess it will come along with it.

Before that, is there a turnaround?

If we want to customize block, the best would be to copy the embed code and then use it on a new page with a custom code block?
(like jamie does using components No-Code Meets Web Components)

If you’ve any good practices to share, it would be great.
Blocks are good most of the time, but it would be nice to have more diversity in creating page layouts.

Thanks for your help

Hey @Fwoued, indeed, we are going to update our form blocks next year. Meanwhile, you can also build your needed form block in a 3rd party app, for example in Typeform, embed it and use the embedded codes in our Custom Code block. You will find another example of how to do it here: Softr Tutorial - Embed Anything with Custom Code Block - YouTube

Thanks it helps a lot,
I hope it will be beg of next year, it will be a game changer feature :slight_smile:

As for the third party tools, apart for the forms, have you any good ones to share regarding content display linked with Airtable?

Hey @Fwoued,

Can you please clarify what exactly to you want to display with other 3rd party tools?

I would like to create variations of dynamic blocs

For example for the list bloc, you’ve 6 templates
But you cannot customize everything

The top image cannot be placed at the bottom of the item (you can add an image but it won’t be full width and if you add tags it will be below it)
(see pic)

I dream of being able duplicating a bloc, editing the code for full customization while benefiting from the nice easy data management :slight_smile:

Thanks for the details.

We will take all your feedback into account surely, but currently this is how the block works :slight_smile:

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