Customized subdomains

Hi there!

What’s your advice on how I can best accomplish the following:

  • Need to create sub stores for different clients, reusing the same DB.
  • Need to customize look and feel depending on which customer store the user is accessing eg: with its own look and feel with a different look and feel OR

My questions are:

What’s the best structure to achieve this? Subdomains or just mydomain and to only show options related to the store?

Eg: Show products that are only from the store in the url? I guess I’d need to add manual conditions on each form/list.

I hope you can understand, ty!

Hey @asc570, it depends on your use case as you can build both in Softr.

If you have several stores that should act as separate apps for different users, I would go for the option. It would be a better solution as in Softr you can build one app (store), duplicate it, customize it to suit different store needs and link it your custom domain.

Otherwise, you definitely can also use the structure by using conditional filters to show products from the specific store.

@Marine.Hovhannisyan Is there a way to put this in a form? I want to do a similar marketplace structure but I want an input field for the users subdomain/page name on a form.

Hi @dm1559, sure, you can use our form’s Hidden field → Page URL parameter and collect the page URL through the form block. You will learn more about how to do it here: Layout: Customizable Form