Customized Payment Receipts - Stripe

Has anyone figure out how to create customized payment receipts via Stripe?
I need the receipt number to follow a certain logic and need to portray a sentence on the receipt about my company. I can’t find a solution to do this via Stripe.

Any workarounds / ideas?
Would be great to have it automated and to let customers access their receipts instantly via the billing page.

Thanks so much in advance!!

Hi Tim, is this the page that you are directed to after successful payment? Or an email you are sending them with payment receipt?

It could be either or. Both would work. The problem is that Stripe receipt numbers do not follow any logic, which is against German law, so I can’t just use the automatic stripe receipts. I’m trying to find some workflow that sends the information from Stripe to create a correct receipt.

I’ve managed to send data to Airtable, for example via Zapier, but then from there I haven’t found a fully automated way to send receipts.

Not sure if this solution would make sense, but what if you create an ordered mapping table in airtable which gives them an ordered receipt number that you auto-generate, but is linked only to their specific stripe receipt number. Legality is definitely a tricky thing though!

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Yes, the legality is the issue. I struggled finding a way that it is conform with German law.
I realized this week though that the regulations for receipts are different than for invoices :slight_smile:

Now just creating a separate billing cycle for every customer and portraying the invoice number on the receipt + added text in the footer. Thought it wasn’t gonna work, but that’s actually conform, so all good! Thank you @gabeski :deciduous_tree::green_heart: