Customizable form to lost field labels

After an update to latest version, a customizable form block (actually, this happened to two independent blocks) calling a webhook, stopped sending field labels to the webhook, causing the make.come scenario to break.

I had to rebuild the scenario to work with no labels. Ever happened to anyone?

Hey @squatrito, can it be that your app blocks were too old?

The issue surely had to do with an update, as I had 3 blocks (all customizable block forms) in the same page, and two of these were impacted by the error, while the one not updated did not present the error. Blocks were not that old though, as the whole app was developed in June, and I had only one pending update on the block

Hi, thank you for your feedback. Please contact us via chat so that we can troubleshoot the issue there and help you make the app work as it was working before.