Customers login and map to a specific row in Airtable possible?

Hi there! I’m looking into some options for a backend solution I need.

What I’m looking for, and perhaps someone can help advise if Softr has this ability:

  • Customers can sign up and log in to their dashboard.
  • Once their account is created, I will manually map the user to a row number of a database in Airtable. Right now I have about 200 records in this table, one row for each customer (such as company name, bio, etc.).
  • Customers can only see and update content in this row, specific to them.
  • I don’t want customers to be able to see any other data records. Essentially, acting as a simple CMS for them. This will then run a sync to update on the website when changes are made that I will use with Make.

The only other solution I can think of is to build a custom backend form using AWS Amplify with Oauth. Then map the user ID to the row ID in a new database and fetch/store the information this way.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

hi Iemd,

You can provide edit rights (button) in Softr combined with a conditional filter that each user can only edit the rows linked to their user id/email.