Custom URL is not indexed


I have a problem with slugs on a list details page, which I can’t figure out the cause of.

I am using the SEO:Slug field to define a custom URL, as shown in the following image:

However, I can’t make the slug URL the canonical one and therefore be the URL that Google’s crawler ends up indexing.

In the Google Search Console, URLs with slugs appear as non-indexed, because they have a redirect to URLs without the slug (of type ?recordId=recNgpKPoV8VqhWJZ)

I have another site where the SEO:Slug works as expected, ie: the custom URL is the one that gets indexed.

Any idea where the problem could be?

Thank you.

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Can you pls DM me a real link so I can check ?

Have you guys resolved this issue? I might be having the same problem. @ohtejera

I am having a similar problem, with Google Search Console marking hundreds of “?recordId=…” pages as not indexed because they are “Page with redirect” (I am assuming during crawling, as they are the only link shown in a list block). All of these links are redirecting to the Custom URL link, which is needed for SEO as well.

Any workaround on this?

Why can’t we have list items already linking to their respective Custom URL?

@gnzz we have tons of pages with recordId and proper SEO fields in Airtable/Gsheet and it works ok can you share example links ? Also for Google 301 redirects are just fine

Sure @artur , please find below a screenshot. The list page has items with linking having the structure shown in this screenshot (i.e. the list of redirecting pages that are not indexed in GSC). Therefore my guess is that links taken by the crawler from the Sitemap are Ok, whereas links taken from the actual website get this problem (as they redirect to the custom URL).

It would be ideeal for consistency to have list items redirecting already to the custom URL, rather than the “recordID-only” link.

For context, I am using Google Sheet.