Custom Page Search Filter for Graphs

Hi everyone,
I’m quickly building an internal app to share daily revenue data and budget completion with our salesmen using google sheets (it was quicker for me as data comes from excel and power query).

The use case is an admin using the app. Admins can see the data of all salesmen.

Similar to the table block a softr , where we can add a search bar to filter the data, I want to create a custom search bar that stays at the top of the page and allow admins to search for each salesman and have data in all tables and all graphs be filtered accordingly.
Is it possible with custom code and google sheets data?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @elmauri,

I actually created a post yesterday detailing how I’ve hacked together a universal search bar. I use Airtable as a data source, and I haven’t tested it out with Google Sheets yet, but you might be able to get it to work with a little wrangling of your spreadsheets – dynamically creating links and linking sheets might be an issue.