Custom Navigation after Reset Password

Hello Softr rockstars!

I would like the user to be taken to the ‘Sign in’ page after the Reset password operation is complete.
Currently, they are taken to the Home page. That is confusing UX.


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@artur An event listener for this would help too I think. Or maybe the form-success event listener works for this use case to create a custom code?

Thanks for your response @matthieu_chateau !
Do both options require custom code?

Yes, I think so. But don’t worry it would be a very simple custom code (3 or 4 lines)

Yes. The thing is - I’m still on the free plan.
I believe code requires Premium. :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately :sweat_smile: (Though you can have a 1 month free trial on any paid plan, but that is your call)

@matthieu_chateau we don’t fire event on it will add it tomorrow.

I’m seconding this notion in the form of a product request. It’s quite limiting to have users defaulted back to the Home page. What if we wanted to send them to a “re-welcome” page with more precise actions for them to take?

In our case, we have Softr embedded onto another website altogether, so there is no way for users to get back to our external site if they reset their password. The only option they have is to re-enter the URL that they left behind.

Even if a password reset submission can’t redirect to an external URL, we should at least have the option to choose which internal Softr page comes next for a better UX.