Custom Forms "dateTime" output to Airtable

Hey guys,

I apologise in advance if this is a easy question to answer am just trying out Softr and I’m also new to airtable:

My issue is that I have a “dateTime” section in a custom form. The date output to Airtable (calendar column with time activated + set to 24hr) seems perfect - always the correct date. However, the time output is consistently wrong regardless of setting the time zone etc. For example if I set the time to 13:00 it will appear as 05:00 in Airtable. Is there any easy fix to this or will I need to create custom formulas to workaround this issue. I would assume that there is some way to accuretly capture this in airtable that I am missing. Screenshots of the setup below:

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What you are saying is right.

Softr process datetime values in gmt-0 (and this what you should have setup on your airtable date field)
You must add a new formula field next to your date field, and convert the value to your timezone.

This is not the case when using forms, if you enter 1pm as value in your form, then 1pm will be set on your airtable date field.

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Thank you! As my app is based in a single time zone (without the actual time zone displayed anywhere) this fix works perfectly.

  • Set the airtable time zone to GMT/UTC, 24 hour time format, and US date format