Custom Filtering

I am building a database of thousands of records called products.
I am looking for a way to filter this more effectively. We have one filter already - a main filter called categories (about 10 in number). We have another filter called applications (almost 100 of them). I want to use filter the applications depending on the category chosen. So basically a multi-step filtering or conditional filtering.

The end product will look like this… category filters application, then application filters products.

Will appreciate any ideas on how to do this including using custom code? I will really appreciate.

which is you data base? airtable?

yes please @RaulMagdalena

Hey @timmy,

Unfortunately, currently it’s not supported, but we have this in our plans.

Hello @timmy may you can achieve this by setting two filters

Can you tell me specifically what your plans are?
Could this be applied to Google Sheets?
Will it only apply to Airtable?

Hey @carg,

Unfortunately, I cannot mention any estimation on this. As we progress with the development, I will keep you updated on the timeline and any significant milestones.