Custom domain gives errors

Published to custom domain but it gives either a site “unexpectedly closed the connection” or “Potential security risk ahead” errors. I set up the A and CNAME in godaddy’s DNS settings, and I can access the site if I tell the browsers to ignore risks/add security exceptions for the site but how can I avoid these error messages?

And when I ignore the errors and do get to the site, it says the security certificate is not valid.

I looked into it some more to see if some of the resources (images) I reference are not secure but that’s not it, and it seems the certificate is the problem:

If you have any suggestions on what I can do to prevent these error messages from showing up for users please share! Thanks

I’ve had similar issues in the past but it was on my company’s computer with a fickle firewall. do you have the same problem with the other softr sites available on the community or in the examples on

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I tried many of those examples shared by the community and none of them have any issues. I’m also on my personal computer and don’t have any out of the ordinary firewall settings. Did you try yourself? I’m guessing you’ll get an error as well. Thanks for the suggestions!

This issue is now solved. In case anyone else is having a similar issue, the solution in my case was removing the extra A and CNAME records in DNS settings. (I added the A and CNAME records per Softr instructions, but apparently I also needed to delete the existing A and CNAME records.)