Custom Coding Tables

Hi guys,

i’ve created a table but I want the user to not be able to adjust the size of the columns. Also, I want the scroll sideways feature to be deactivated. Is this possible?

Here’s the link to the page:

Can you share exactly what would be the use case? Why would you like to do such things (I think you want to hide some information to force users to sign up or download but I might be wrong).

It is purely from a ux point of view. to make the information on the table more easily readable.

Also if it is possible to have another row above - to group some of the columns that might also help decrease the width of the entire table

You will have to wait for the next year when there will be a block marketplace. When this marketplace will be released, other types of tables would be created by external devs from the community and you might find what you want.

I have to point that from a UX perspective, the way the table is built is the reference: you let your users adjust the sizes of the column and you have a scroll sideways specifically for UX purpose when there are a lot of information.
Users are free to adjust the size of the columns or not (Btw many users are not aware they can adjust the size of the columns, as it is very discreet)