Custom code to add a Number field in existing form block

Is there a way i can add number field in the existing form block? I want to capture Number of years of experience in Years and Months.

Also, way to validate a field in form block like if a number if less than or greater than a particular number. Example if the number is less than 3, validation is flashed like we have for phone number.

Dear @imraju, please note that if you have set up a Number column type in your Airtable and try to submit non-numeric values through the form block in Softr, then, you/your users will not be able to submit that data.

I do not think that this feature can be added using a custom code snippet. But, instead, what you can do is you can add a small note/hint to your users that in that concrete field, they should add only numeric data.

Hi Marine,

I have used dropdown for now with specific number ranges but I believe this should easily be a native feature to make it simpler.

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Hi @Marine.Hovhannisyan this is definitely important. Right now a users think they have submitted a (i.e.) price, but if it’s not in the right format for the currency field in Airtable, it just doesn’t get written into the field upon form submission (the rest works, but this field stays blank). There should be a way to add a field type number to the form and not let users submit if the format is not correct.

Hey folks,

Just wanted to let you know that now you will be able to add a number field to the form :slight_smile:

We just released an update. :star_struck: