CSS styles for embeds

I have an embed to get some icons to dynamically link to a page with the required recordID parameters in the url. I’m having trouble styling the icon in the embed. I put the CSS after my code (class styles here), tried writtingthe styles inline and also tried putting the styles in the custom code header.

Nothing works to style within the embed field, though the styling works for the custom code block. Any thoughts?

Code in embed:


In header or added to embed

.material-icons.nav { font-family: 'Material Icons'; font-size: 30px; color: #ebb32c; &:hover { color: #ed8e13; cursor: pointer; } }

Figured out how to do this if anyone is interested. Inline styles do work so you can use onmouseover to get hover effects since CSS psuedoclasses like :hover don’t work for inline CSS.

“<div onclick=”“window.location.href=‘https://louetta269.preview.softr.app/design-options?recordId=recXCVWQiMwnoIlxq’”“>
<i class=”“material-icons”" style=““font-size: 30px; color:red;

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