Cropping a photo on upload

Is there currently a way to crop a photo upon upload? Many times people will upload their profile photo or a photo of an item but the way it presents itself is not always desirable.

Could there be a Softr Native way to give the option for a user to crop their photo upon upload so that it fits in a more aesthetically appropriate way?

Hey @austin, currently we do not have a cropping feature in our photo upload. I will add your message as a suggestion to our feature requests list to consider when planning app improvements.

Hey Austin
You could trigger an automation in Airtable ‘on new record created’ - that can run a script to call a Make or Zapier webhook passing the airtable recordID.

In Make, you can retrieve the image and there are various image resizing tools available as 3rd party apps to do the work, then update the airtable record with the new image.

Dear @Bryan, thanks a lot for the workaround, it is a good one :+1: