Creating textual reports (for printing), pulling Airtable data

I’d like to replicate some internal reports, which consist of text and some tables, using data pulled from Airtable. Is this possible in Softr? Everything seems to be tilted towards interactive screen based templates, but I need to replicate some existing reports.

Hey, welcome!

You can make use of the table block on your projects, to replicate airtable tables.

Thanks for responding.

I think, however, that rather demonstrates the problem I’m seeing. If I was using a desktop database tool like Access or Filemaker, I would see the concept of reports - so I could pull together an A4 document that would include flat text and tables and might be output to print or PDF.

This sort of reporting seems to be missing in Softr, Airtable because of a focus on screen output. Is that right ? Do I need to try and make the screen output model work for printing or should I look for another tool to do this with the Airtable data?

I’ve had good luck using to merge Airtable data into a formattable document. Then I just add an action button or automation to generate and export as needed.

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